Documentation Through CAD

In 2016, The Center for Wooden Boats explored 3D modeling through Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. Inspired by our past success in preservation with photogrammetry, CWB sought to document our vessels manually.

One of CWB’s “six reasons for being” is to inspire youth to pursue their full potential. In doing so, we have been, since 2010, conducting need-based youth development programs

Staying true our passion for preservation, and dedication to youth, CWB piloted a program that would allow our youth interns to models or our historically significant boats. 

By empowering youth to model historically significant boats, this project enables them to positively add to their world. These dedicated interns become the next, in the line of many boatwrights, to add to history. CWB has the unique opportunity of access to some of the most historically significant vessels in the Pacific Northwest, while also being surrounded by the cutting edge technology in Seattle. Access to such resources allows us not only to deliver our mission of preservation through digital means, but also to provide pathways for student interns to join the everyday world they are inspired and influenced by.

Our first 3D modeled and 3D printed boat was the Blanchard Junior Knockabout, the backbone of our adult sailing program, a daysailer designed and built here on Lake Union. The second modeled boat was a Bristol Bay Gillnetter; a boat we use for our CastOFF! Public Sail program.

Many other boats have also been 2D drawn throughout the learning process and are sold in our gift shop as laser etched wooden postcards and coasters. 

Exhibit description by Neng Thao