AGES: 18+

DATE: Multiple Dates

TIME: various




INSTRUCTOR: CWB Sailing Instructors

LOCATION: South Lake Union

PREREQUISITES: Current CWB Sailing Checkout 

Expand your horizons! This add-on to SailNOW! is a US Sailing accredited Basic Keelboat Checkout clinic that includes a practical and written evaluation. Students who have completed SailNOW!, or sailors with a current Livery Card can take this checkout to receive the internationally recognized US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification. US Sailing sets the standard for quality instruction and instructors in the sailing industry nationwide. After achieving your US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification, US Sailing provides a clear pathway towards continuing your sailing education, both here in Seattle and beyond!

  • 3 HOURS OF PRACTICAL COACHING: Further your comfort at the tiller with 3 hours of focused on-the-water coaching. Our course offers a student:instructor ratio of 2:1 while out on the water. You will focus on docking techniques, several different overboard drills, sailtrim, and further refining your beginning sailing skills. Your practical evaluation will also take place during the on-the-water portion.*

  • 1 HOUR OF CLASSROOM REVIEW: Touch on basic aids to navigation, legalities to consider, and safety requirements. This classroom time also grants opportunity for questions and test prep.

  • TESTING AND FOLLOW-UP: At the end of the day, you can choose to take the written evaluation at that time, or at a later date. Test times are available throughout the week and weekends. Take your time to study and take the test when you are ready!

$170 Members | $210 non-members

MARCH 23, 2019 12:30PM – 5:30PM

APRIL 13, 2019 12:30PM – 5:30PM

SAILNOW! PACKAGE: Register for both SailNOW! and the US Sailing Checkout and get $25 off! After registering for SailNOW! use code SAILPACKAGE at the US Sailing checkout registration.

**If registering for the package, make sure to pick a US Sailing Checkout date that is AFTER the end date of your SailNOW! session.**

CLICK HERE for more information on SailNOW!


  • Basic Keelboat Textbook

  • Student Logbook

  • 1 year US Sailing membership ($60 value)

*NOTE: If you do not pass your practical evaluation, you may schedule a make-up evaluation for $75. No instruction will occur during this evaluation. If you require additional instruction, then we offer private lessons at the standard rate of $60/$75/hour. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you come prepared for the course. Make-up written evaluations may be scheduled for $15.