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Entries must be submitted by September 6, 2019.

Quick & Daring is a long-standing tradition where participants design their own boat, build it in a day and race it the second day. It is a festival highlight for all!

The LAKE UNION CHALLENGE CUP will be held as a tribute to CWB Founding Director Dick Wagner. Boat plans and questions should be directed to Sandy Lam, CWB Events Manager, slam@cwb.org and Judie Romeo, Wagner’s former assistant, at jromeo@cwb.org. If you intend to enter the contest, please contact them by September 6.

Design it.

All design entries must be received at The Center for Wooden Boats no later than Friday, September 6. A panel of judges will select up to four designs for the contest. Entrants will be notified by September 13. The criteria for selection will be sound design, originality, ingenuity and whimsy. The contestants will retain the boats. The plans will be available to view at the Festival and to purchase from the contestants.  


  • Original designs only

  • The main structure of the boat should be made of cellulose-based products ONLY.

  • No limits on other materials.

  • Materials can be reimbursed up to $150 (receipts submissions required)

  • Sail(s) and lines may be of petrochemical-based products (lines may be purchased).

  • Everything on the boat, such as oars and rowlocks, must be made during the contest.

  • No pre-cutting of materials is allowed; everything should be off-the-shelf when the contest begins.

  • Patterns are allowed but they cannot be the actual pieces that are installed on the boat.

  • No limits on fastenings; anything goes.

  • Contestants will supply all tools; CWB will provide two sawhorses per boat.

  • Each boat must be built and raced by the same two people.

Additionally, each team must bring to the Festival a poster measuring at least 11” by 17” describing the design, materials, and construction of their boat.

Build it.

Each boat must be built within one day. Both builders must be aboard the boat during the race. Boats may be painted (artistic embellishments are not required but they are appreciated by the crowd). Builders must supply their own paint and brushes. Painting time will not be counted in computing building time. Each team will receive up to $150 for the cost of materials (must be supported by receipts).

Please note that personal protective equipment (PPE) is required while using power tools, including eye and ear protection as necessary. PPE will not count towards tool weight and will be available to borrow. Any contestant may be required to put on PPE at any time during the contest at the discretion of a judge. Personal flotation devices are required during the on-the-water portion of the contest and will also be available to borrow.

All builds will be done on September 28; painting or decoration may be done the morning of September 29.
Tool weigh-in begins at 9:30 am; all builds start at 10 am and must be completed that day.

Race it.

On Sunday, September 29, the resulting boats will race a triangular course, one leg to be rowed, one sailed, and one freestyle. If a boat does not complete the course, it will be disqualified.

Download the official rules here: