Festival Volunteer Shift Descriptions 

For inquiring about a position, please email volunteer@cwb.org for more information or to sign up! All volunteers must have previously attended volunteer orientation to participate. Next orientation, Saturday, September 14, 2019 10am-12pm, followed by a festival training 12pm-1pm.

  • Gate Greeter 
    One board member one volunteer per gate per shift. Master a clear, accurate, and concise message; give visitors a guide, a voting token, and mention the option of a donation; welcome visitors with kindness and enthusiasm; accept and acknowledge donations; give guests a [sticker] which allows them to come and go without being approached for a donation again; track the number of visitors 

  • Try-A-Tool
    Be a work-with-your-hands ambassador! You’ll show people how to use basic hand tools such as a spoke shave or smoothing plane. This is the perfect time to work on a small project and meet new people in our community! Show off tools of boat building and how they are used safely, teach skills, explain what tool is used on what materials, and what part of the boat building process they are used for; explain and clearly share your knowledge of the tools; be comfortable and relaxed with adults and children who are trying something for the first time; be patient and encouraging; maintain safety at all times. 

  • Dockside Rover/Safety Boat 
    Assist boats leaving and docking by catching or throwing lines, pushing off, tying lines; work with Livery Managers, Staff Lead, to rearrange boats and direct traffic as needed;, if needed; assist as needed on safety boats; communicate effectively in a busy, outdoor environment; maintain safety while working with people who have little to no experience on boats; assist in running of on the water special events such as quick and daring race, paddle board jousting, and canoe dancing! PREREQUISITE: If you haven't volunteered in Livery in the last year, must complete Livery training again (Next one is Sept. 14!) 

  • Dockside Wrangler 
    Assist boats leaving and docking by catching or throwing lines, pushing off, tying lines; work with Livery Managers, Staff Lead, and Dock Rovers to rearrange boats and direct traffic as needed; assist Public Sail Dockside Assistants in crowd control and getting passengers on and off the boats, if needed; communicate effectively in a busy, outdoor environment; maintain safety while working with people who have little to no experience on boats PREREQUISITE: If you haven't volunteered in Livery in the last year or were not a Dockside Wrangler at last Festival, must complete Livery training again (Next one is Sept. 14!) 

  • Dockside Assistant 
    Follow the Public Sail schedule and confirm as boats have arrived and left; gather passengers for each ride and take them to the boat; ensure all passengers have a life jacket; answer any questions passengers might have. PREREQUISITE: Public Sail experience a plus, but not required 

  • Public Sail Sign Up 
    Help execute one of the most popular activities at the festival by getting people out on the water! Assist guests in signing up for rides; manage expectations; greet guests and answer questions about Public Sail; manage sign-ups, acquire signatures, and direct visitors; work with Dockside Assistants to ensure a smooth transition and timely departures; manage the waitlist as needed; ensure safe conditions on the docks as guests board and depart; remain alert of all conditions around the area. PREREQUISITE: Public Sail experience.

  • Beer Garden ID Check 
    Check IDs to make sure all in tent are over 21; keep alcohol consumption inside designated areas; help prevent guests who appear intoxicated from being served and alert a Festival Captain; track capacity of the tent.

  • Beer Garden Bartender 
    We have two beer gardens this year! You’ll have the coveted job in one of the happiest places at the festival! Take payment and pour beer; keep alcohol consumption inside designated areas; serve guests in friendly and responsible manner; help prevent guests who appear intoxicated from being served and alert a Festival Captain. PREREQUISITE: Washington Class 12/13 alcohol servers permit preferred.

  • Information Tent 
    Help festival attendees get to places they want to go, share information about our program/schedule, sell music merch (cash only bands provide other systems). You get to be in the middle of the action and enjoy the festivities from your booth! Primary information location; learn what's on the Festival Map and in the Festival Guide and who the vendors are; sell memberships and accept donations; answer general questions about CWB and give information and directions about all Festival activities and the schedule of events; know chain of command for important questions you cannot answer; manage the "Lost and Found". 

  • Medical Tent 
    First responder to medical emergencies! Treat and prevent basic heat and sun-related conditions, as well as minor scrapes and bruises; no drugs are dispensed and anything more than a superficial injury is always referred to Urgent Care; distribute water and sunscreen and offer a cool place to site and prevent heat and sun related safety risks; distribute and apply first aid supplies; contact a Staff member in the event of more serious injuries or contact 911 as needed; write an official CWB Incident Report for every person you treat or refer. PREREQUISITE: First Aid Certification required.

  • Festival Roamer 
    This person must be flexible and able to go with the flow. Your job will be to relieve anyone in need of a break at any of our various activity stations. This person will also keep their eyes out on anything that may need tidying, restocking, etc. 

  • Groundskeeping 
    We need to keep our festival grounds clean and green! Your job will be to make sure the grounds are looking spic and span! Keeping gravel out of the way, recycling/garbage runs. You get a chance to see the whole festival and will be on the move! You may bring own gloves for good fit, but CWB will also provide gloves and a wheelbarrow; transport beer to beer garden as needed; help collect People's Choice voting boxes on Sunday for vote count; ensure bathrooms and Honeybuckets are stocked with toilet paper and paper towels and that trash is emptied; assist in the Quick & Daring Parade on Sunday, helping to move boats to and from the water. PREREQUISITE: be able to lift 40 lbs, either by yourself or with your partner.

  • Exhibitor Lounge 
    Meeting caterers, keeping the exhibitor lounge stocked and cleaned. You get to talk with many of our exhibitor boat owners, speakers, and musicians! Located upstairs of the boathouse. 

  • Volunteer HQ 
    You will help shepherd our amazing volunteer team! Nothing would happen without you and the team of volunteers! Assist with volunteer check-in and check-out; assist volunteers; maintain Volunteer HQ tidiness; assist Roamers and Rovers as needed; communicate with Volunteer Captain. PREREQUISITE: Approval by Volunteer Captain.

  • Photobooth Assistant 
    Help our festival attendees take a piece of the festival home with them! You’ll be assistant Captain Jack at the commemorative photobooth putting together photos for people to take home. Assist visitors with props, looking sharp, and everything Captain Jack needs!

  • Photographers/Videographers/Livestreaming
    Get the best view of all the action by joining our media team! We need people with previous experience in photography/videography/livestreaming. You’ll be on your feet running around and getting out on the water to capture all the fun! Please contact festival coordinator, Sandy Lam, slam@cwb.org with a short description of your background and any portfolio pieces you may have.

  • Pond Boat Sailing 
    Assist visitors with our pond boat sailing activity. Explain how pond boat sailing works. Retrieve boats as needed from the pond.


  • Youth Paddleboats 
    Assist our youngest boaters-in-training by getting them safely into paddleboats in the lagoon! Outfit kids with life jackets; get kids safely into and out of the boats; monitor safe behavior and guide and rescue as needed; ensure that parents remain close by; assess child's ability to safely fit into and safely navigate the boat and respectfully communicate with parents; politely manage time in the boats so other children can also enjoy. PREREQUISITE: Livery Experience.

  • Toy Boat Building 
    Be a part of one of the most cherished activities! Instruct children and parents in how to assemble and decorate their boats, politely emphasizing that this activity is primarily for the children; set up or clean-up station, depending on shift; assist children with assembly as needed; manage materials and cleanup scraps and organize materials as needed; collect donations from youth participant. 

  • Front Desk/ Giftshop 
    Assist the visitor services staff in greeting patrons to the Wagner Education Center, engaging the public on CWB’s mission, processing gift shop payments, and restocking festival merchandise. It is preferred that individuals signing up for this shift have worked a shift at the front desk previously. 

  • Oral History Project
    Oral History volunteers will cover two positions: A greeter/scheduler and an interview facilitator. Facilitators may be asked to sit in during interviews and monitor recording equipment, while greeters/schedulers will explain the oral history project to visitors and either sign people up or check them in. Please let us know if you have a clear preference. We may end up alternating during shifts as appropriate. Attendance at the special training session (1pm on 9/14) is mandatory; attendance at the general Festival training session (noon on 9/14) is recommended, but not required. If you have a strong interest in helping at Festival but cannot attend the training, you may contact Kate Chapman (kchapman@cwb.org) and attempt to arrange a private training.

  • Speaker Presentation Tech Support
    You’ll get be at the front of all of the amazing speakers we have making presentations at festival! This position will greet speakers, get their presentations loaded, troubleshoot technical difficulties, and monitor video/audio equipment. PREREQUISITE: Must have powerpoint, projector, technology troubleshooting experience.