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Building Small Lapstrake Boats with Eric Hvalsoe: Course 1

Learn to build a traditional lapstrake sailing dinghy this summer. In this two-part series, famed designer and builder Eric Hvalsoe will build his 16’ combination sail/row boat with students. This course is perfect for people who are interested in learning about wooden boatbuilding, but don’t have the time to attend a full year boat school. Over the course of two weeks students will build a new boat, assembling the building frame, molds and backbone. The hull will be planked cedar lapstrake over the molds, turned upright and framed out. Students will rabbet, spile, steam planks and oak ribs, and pattern and bevel complex components. Ring nails, wood screws, and copper clench nails will be used throughout the construction, as well as the finest lumber. Boatbuilding experience is not a prerequisite – typically student experience and skills vary widely, all part of the fun. Once completed this boat will be rented in our Livery.

The materials for this project were funded in Memory of David Allman. 

Course 1: Lapstrake Boatbuilding. June 2-9 2019. Price $500 Members $575 Non-Members. Max 6 students. In this course we will build the hull of the Hvalsoe 16. The course module will involve the following: setting up the strongback and molds, fabricating the backbone including the stem, keel, keelson, and transom, and lapstrake planking the hull. Register →


Eric Hvalsoe has more than 30 years of experience in small wooden craft design and construction, marine carpentry and fine woodworking. Trained as a professional boatwright, Hvalsoe has also taught students around the world in the finer points of wooden boat construction.

Later Event: June 2
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